15 Black Dress Halloween Costume Ideas

When we talk about black dress Halloween costume ideas, it sounds like twisted, mysterious, or weird clothing. Numerous Halloween clothing is in solid, sparkling, and glossy colors. The retina of our eye catches these colors so much. Also, the design, theme, and accessories we use with such sparkling color dresses make us distinctive. Halloween costume ideas with a black dress turn the heads for sure. And the most important point is if you’re choosing fewer colors, doesn’t mean you’re less inventive. We brought 15 unique Halloween black dress costume ideas for our readers that need no gleam, face paint, or even no tour to the store.

Whether you want scary outfits like witches or cats, inventive black Halloween costumes as Peter Pan’s shadows, or Billie Eilish—a TV symbol. Get a round-up of this article and find black dress Halloween costume ideas that fit you. We have added a variety of outfits for our readers. You can find the Ruth Balder Ginsburg ideas that take you into the 90s or a trendy Trinity from the Matrix costumes. Check our uni color, pocket friendly, and easy-to DIY ideas.

Halloween costume ideas with a black dress
Halloween costume ideas with a black dress

1.  A Skeleton

These Skeleton Halloween black dress costume ideas are the star of the show. A big populace of the globe loves black color without any doubt. But repeating the same solid color wearing makes us look bored or identical. For a Halloween party, a skeleton appears in an outburst. Take some powder, color your face, use eye shadow to make dark eye circles, and sketch a skeletal smile. Plan this unique appearance with your group of hilarious buddies and blow the show. All you need is a long black dress, some eye shadow, and black eye pencils. This budget-friendly but sole skeleton appearance will attract all the eyes.

2.  Peter Pan’s Shadow Costume

Peter was a sweet guy, and he didn’t wear the black costume at all. Here, the exceptional outfit idea is to bring the shadow to the front. Black Dress Halloween costume ideas with the theme of the shadow are nothing but amazing. The Black cloth will be cut in the form of Peter Pan’s outfit but all in black, with no pinch of other colors. Grab a black hat, dust your face with black color, and trust me you will look like a little Peter Pan.

3.  Snow White Evils Queen

Snow White Evil Queen costume for a Halloween party is matchless. If you’re tall, fair, and slim, then this costume idea is for you. Though everyone can acquire this outfit, we suggest what suits them. So hold your cloak, set the golden crown on your head, and paint your lips with dark red lipstick.

4.  Serena Williams

Another exclusive example of black dress Halloween costume ideas is Serena. Get your black leggings, Nike body suit, and red ribbon, and dress up as Serena, one of the modern-day superheroes. Finish this rare costume idea with sneakers and a racket.

5.  Roy Kent from Ted Lasso

The Roy Kent costume idea is for our cool and charming readers. You have to wear a black suit, black tie, and shoes. Pair up with these and grab the attention of all viewers. This is the inimitable Halloween costume ever.

6.  Holly Go lightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s Costume

Want to be the most notable social climber, then we add to our list the Holly Go lightly costume for you. Halloween costume ideas with a black dress are incomplete without Tiffany’s costume.

7.  Billie Eilish

We are talking about February 9, 2020, the Oscar party dressing of Billie Eilish for black dress Halloween costume ideas. Her pants of Billie were the reason to make her outfit Halloween’s most wanted costume. You required a short-term hair color spray, an oversized street wear set, and coffin fake nails.

8.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg

All of us know RBG as a person who always struggles to defend our rights. In this case, you can tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg by wearing her long sleeve black dress and her famous collars.

9.  Trinity from the Matrix

Remember the film Matrix—the hottest dress of all time was the Trinity’s black latex body wear. Remake it with 90’s sunglasses and combat boots.

10.  Man in Black Halloween Costume

This is opting from long black dress Halloween costume ideas. All you need to arrange is a full-length black suit with shiny black sandals and dust of color around the face and eyes.

11. Black Cat Costume

A naughty cutie costume we have ever found. From the list of black dress Halloween costume ideas, this outfit is perfect for our funny, jolly, and enthusiastic teenager. Put an admiring spin on this classic dress and enter the party with a catty voice.

12. Black Spider Costume

Spider black dress Halloween costume ideas are for kiddos who love avatars avengers, and world savers. Sounds funny but it is a perfect Halloween party dress indeed.

13. Black Bat Costume

It is another piece of clothing from our long black dress Halloween costume ideas. You know batman and bats woman, how cool and only of its kind they are. So select self-adhesive eyes, a spooky bat costume, and make up yourself a matchless Halloween.

14. Madison Montgomery

The Madison Montgomery appearance is suitable for today’s witch ideas. Find cat eye sunglasses, a warm wool fedora hat, and a black glossy cloth. Forget about the past witches with a broom and pointy witch hats. These black dress Halloween costume ideas will make you irreplaceable.

15. Wednesday Addams Costume

Believe it or not, an Addams Costume is a kind of Halloween must-costume. You only required a black stunning dress with a white collar. You can use a wig if your hairs are short. Wednesday Addams Costume gives you a signature look as it is a sensual black bodysuit.


You must get enough black dress Halloween costume ideas from this post. So what did you decide to wear? A black cat dress or a Billie Eilish outfit. All mentioned costumes are exclusive and you can try the entire list as there will be many Halloween party will be held around you.

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