24 Must-Try Nail Designs for Summer 2024

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With the weather getting warmer and days longer, summer is the best time for new nail looks. Our guide highlights 24 nail designs perfect for this time of year.1 You’ll find everything from bright neons to calm pastels. We aim to inspire your next summer nail adventure.1

The latest nail trends for summer 2024 will make your nails stand out. Think of designs like citrus themes, beach vibes, or retro looks. No matter your nail length, we’ve got you covered with these trendy ideas.1

summer nails ideas 2024

Key Takeaways

  • Vibrant, neon-inspired nail designs featuring bright yellow, vivid magenta, and ombre effects are a must-try for summer 2024.
  • Elegant nail looks include pink chrome, soft pastel color combos, and aura nails with customizable color options.
  • Chic and minimalist nail styles emphasize clean lines, subtle details, and neutral tones for a sophisticated, put-together vibe.
  • Fun and playful nail art showcases citrus motifs, watermelon patterns, seashell designs, and mermaid-inspired accents.
  • The 24 nail designs cater to a range of preferences, occasions, and nail lengths to provide inspiration for every summer style.

Vibrant and Bright Summer Nails

This summer, it’s all about vibrant, neon nails. Shades of bright yellow, vivid magenta, and electric blue stand out. These colors are perfect for a stylish look in 2024.1

Neon Nails

Think neon for your nails this season. Electric blue, neon pink, and bright green are in style. They really pop and grab attention.2

Rainbow Nails

Choose rainbow nails for a mix of bright shades. They blend multiple colors together. It’s a fun and standout look for your nails.2

Ombre Nails

Ombre nails are a big hit for warmer days. You can have colors fade from dark to light, or the other way around. This creates a cool, gradient effect.1 Ombre nail styles are a popular choice for summer. They offer a trendy option for those who like gradient designs.1

Elegant Summer Nail Designs

Vibrant nails are big for summer 2024, but not everyone loves neon or rainbows. Soft pastel summer nails are a perfect choice for a more elegant look. Baby pink, lavender, and mint green give you a sophisticated, yet summery, vibe.3

Minimalist chic nail styles are gaining popularity for elegant summer manicures. They are simple yet stylish, featuring clean lines and subtle details. These designs use neutral tones for an understated look.4 These chic nail designs work well for any nail length. They’re ideal for keeping a sophisticated look at summer events.1

Simple and Chic Summer Nails

Want a sleek look for summer nails? Try nude and neutral tones. They include gentle shades like soft beige, light pinks, and creamy whites. These colors give your nails a timeless, classy look.1 Or go for aura nails, which shimmer uniquely in different lights.3 For something more summery, choose ombre blue nails. They go from dark navy to light sky blue, just like the changing seas.3 These designs let your hands shine without being too flashy.

Nude and Neutral Tones

Nude nails in soft, natural shades are a perfect fit for summer. They look polished and are easy to pair with any outfit. This classic look is great for any occasion during the warm months.

Aura Nails

Aura nails are a mesmerizing trend. They shimmer in a way that looks like they’re glowing from within. This style gives your nails a magical, out-of-this-world feel.

Ombre Blue Nails

Ombre blue nails are as calm and cool as the ocean. They start dark and end in a soothing light blue. It’s a sophisticated choice that whispers of summer.

Fun and Playful summer nails ideas 2024

This article shows fun and playful nail designs perfect for summer. You’ll see nail art like smiley faces, flowers, and fruit. They capture the fun summer spirit well. Vibrant colors and cute patterns make these nails great for summer fun. You’ll love the designs for summer fun and festivities thanks to these cool accents.5

Try making Citrus Splash Nails for a cool look. Use Lemon Yellow and Lime Green.5

fun summer nail ideas

6 Neon colors are big this summer. You’ll spot shades like electric pink and sunshine yellow everywhere.6 Flowery and tropical nail designs are also in, making your nails feel like a nature trip.6 French tips with colorful ends are a new twist. They combine chic with fun for your nails.

6 For nail shapes, square, coffin, and almond are top picks. They each bring a different vibe.6 Summer nail colors go from pastels to hot pink. Try ombre or mix bright colors for a trendy look.

Citrus and Fruit-Inspired Nails

The summer of 2024 is about vibrant, fun nail styles. These designs bring out the best of the season. Citrus and fruit themes are top picks. They give a cool, sunny feel to your nails.7

Lemon Nails

Lemon nails scream ‘summer’ with their yellow fruit and green rind. It’s a must-do for the season. of the designs we showed had lemons, limes, and oranges. This shows how loved they are.7

Watermelon Nails

Watermelon nails mimic the fruit’s colors. They really bring out summer’s tasty vibes.7 We found that of the designs had watermelon. This shows just how popular it is.7

Adding fruit-themed nails is a great way to play with fun colors and patterns. It’s perfect for your summer look. As it gets warmer, citrus and watermelon nails bring a cool, happy feel.8

Beach-Themed Summer Nails

Looking for a summer nail theme? Try the beach!1 Seashell nails are a top pick. They have shell-like patterns and textures, giving a seaside feel.9 The article shows the best 14 ocean-themed nails, including seashell designs. Mermaid nails, with shimmery scales and ocean shades, bring the sea’s magic to your nails.4 These designs are great for summer fun, like vacations or pool parties.

Seashell Nails

Seashell nails stand out for a beachy summer look.9 The article picks the best ocean-themed nails, showing detailed shell patterns. They perfectly bring a beach feel, ideal for sunny summer days.

Mermaid Nails

Mermaid nails are a must for summer beach themes.4 They have shimmery scales and ocean colors, creating an underwater world on your nails.9 You can use Opal Pearl gel in 36 shades for amazing mermaid manicures.

beach nail art

Cow Print and Western Nails

Beyoncé’s “cowgirl era” has brought cow print nails into the spotlight for summer 2024. To make them, nail artists start with a creamy white base. Then, they dab on brown spots to get the cow’s look just right.10 Nearly 38% of the recent nail designs show off cow prints as part of their Western vibe.10 You can even add studs to really make the look stand out and catch the eye. This unique nail art truly embodies the wild West meets popular culture trend.11

Beyoncé’s impact is clear, with nods to her “Cowboy Carter” album.11 There’s a showcase of 45 impressive cowboy and western-themed nail designs. They include designs like nails that look like cacti and nails inspired by Barbie as a cowgirl.11 These designs mix cow prints and cute cacti for a fun and fashionable style.11

The range of colors and themes, from desert cacti to patriotic designs, encourages uniqueness in nail art.11 The message is all about showing off your personal style with terms like “eye-catching” and “bold” used a lot.11 Including special touches like gold flakes and glitter makes these Western nails all the more special.11 This trend for summer 2024 is all about expressing yourself in creative ways, like through your nails.10

Retro and Tropical Summer Nails

This summer, retro and tropical nail designs are huge. They bring back the feeling of fun and sun.4

Floral French Tips

Floral French tips have a cute, 1960s look.4 They mix traditional charm with a fun, carefree style for summer.

Vivid Patterns

Pattern-heavy nail art in bright colors is big. It reminds us of old Florida’s beachy vibes.12 These nails shout out the lively, easy-going vibe of the season.

Are you into retro beach or fresh tropical vibes? These nails are for you!2 With their old-school and vibrant colors, they say summer loud and clear.

Summer Nail Trends for 2024

For summer 2024, we’re looking at nostalgic summer vibes and shimmery finishes as key nail trends.5 Nostalgic nail art draws from retro pool furniture and frosty lip glosses. It mixes bright colors and fun designs.5 Shimmery nails, using polishes and gels, bring the sunlight to your fingertips.13 These styles let you feel the fun and energy of summer through your nails.

Nostalgic Summer Vibes

The summer 2024 nail trends bring back the past, with fun shades and patterns.5 Think of playful fruits and lush florals on your nails. These nostalgic summer nails mix old and new for a fresh look. They help you feel the timeless joy of summer.

Shimmer and Gloss

Shimmery nails are a big hit for 2024, alongside the nostalgic theme.13 Shiny polishes and gels in bold or soft colors mimic the summer glow.5 These nails give off a dazzling finish. They add a touch of summer elegance to any outfit.

Nail Art Inspiration for Every Summer Occasion

Summer is the perfect time for fun in the sun. Whether you’re off to the beach, a wedding, or just hanging out, this guide is for you. It offers a mix of summer nail ideas and fun nail art inspiration that fit every occasion and style.4 From bright, bold designs to classy ones and playful patterns, we’ve got it all. So, get ready to show off your summer-ready nails.14

If you love being stylish yet easy-going, bright colors are your best bet. They make up most of our featured designs, ideal for the warm season ahead.4 Plus, we’ve reimagined the classic French manicure with new colors and patterns. This twist makes up 40% of our designs and is truly modern.4 Animal prints, like leopard or cow, are back and trendy, too. They cover 20% of our nail ideas, showing they’re a hit for summer 2024.4

For a hint of magic, try iridescent or holographic polishes. They add shimmer to your nails and make up 15% of our designs.4 Nature lovers, we’ve got you covered as well. 10% of our nail art features butterflies, sea foam, and tropical plants. This reflects a rise in nature-themed, eco-friendly nail art.4

With many exciting nail ideas for 2024, there’s something for everyone. From vibrant, boldstyles to elegant, refined looks, and playful, fun designs. You’re bound to find your ideal summer manicure here, whatever your plans or style.14


This piece showed that summer nails 2024 will offer a lot of nail design ideas and nail art trends. You can pick from neon nails’ bright colors to the gentle pastels and simple designs. There’s a style for everyone.

Plus, nail art lovers can enjoy patterns, see-through looks, and summer-themed designs that bring the season to your nails.

Next summer, popular nail shapes will include stiletto, coffin, almond, and deep square.15 These shapes are perfect for making a big statement or keeping things subtle.

There are many exciting summer nail ideas out there. It’s the best time to try something new that fits your style and summer plans. So, get into nail art trends and make your nails stand out!


What are some of the must-try nail designs for summer 2024?

For summer 2024, check out neon nails and rainbow designs. Also, you’ll find soft pastel shades and minimal styles. There are also nude and neutral options, aura nails, and ombre blue nails. For more fun, try citrus and fruit patterns, beach designs, and retro tropical vibes.

What are the key trends for vibrant and bright summer nails in 2024?

This year, neon nails in bright yellow, vivid magenta, and electric blue are big. Rainbow nails and gradient ombre effects are also in for summer 2024.

What are some of the elegant summer nail designs featured?

Looking for elegance? Think soft pastels and mint green. The article also features minimalist designs with clean lines and subtle details.

What are the trends for simple and chic summer nails in 2024?

Nude and neutral shades are timeless and elegant. Aura nails with an iridescent sheen and ombre blue nails provide a cool summer look.

What are some of the fun and playful summer nail designs for 2024?

Discover whimsical designs like smiley faces and florals. You’ll also find cherries and other fruit motifs for a playful look.

What are the key trends for citrus and fruit-inspired nail art in 2024?

Lemon and watermelon nails are top picks this summer. They use bright colors to capture the refreshing feel of the season.

What are the beach-themed summer nail designs featured?

Seashell nails and mermaid nails are perfect for a seaside vibe. They include shell patterns and shimmery, oceanic colors.

What are the trends for retro and tropical-inspired summer nails in 2024?

Try floral French tips or bold 1960s-inspired nail art. Vibrant colors like oranges, yellows, and greens bring a retro Florida feel.

What are the key summer nail trends for 2024?

Top trends for 2024 include a nostalgic vibe and glossy finishes. Let retro pool furniture and frosty lip gloss inspire you. Shimmery polishes embody the bright, sunny season.

How can readers find the perfect summer nail design for any occasion?

The article is a full guide to all summer nail occasions. From bold to refined looks, it has it all. Explore to find a manicure that suits you and your summer plans.

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