10 Easy Summer Nail Designs You Can Do at Home

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Summer is almost here, making it a great time to liven up your look, starting with your nails. You don’t have to go to a salon to get stunning nails. Instead, you can make beautiful designs at home. We’re going to show you 10 fun and simple nail designs. Even if you’re just getting started with nail art, you can create these. We’ll also give you some tips from experts. Jordan Meade, Amy Oung, and Tammy Taylor will share their advice.

Trying your hand at DIY nail art is easy and fun. Pinterest is full of great ideas for summer nails. You’ll find everything from bold, eye-catching designs to subtle, elegant styles. Plus, we’ll cover special techniques. These include using special brushes, nail tape, and making your own nail stickers. These methods will help you get a professional look right at home.1

Key Takeaways

  • Salon-quality nail designs can be easily recreated at home
  • Pinterest is a great source for summer nail design inspiration
  • Techniques like nail painting brushes and tape can help achieve professional-looking results
  • DIY nail stickers offer a simple way to add unique patterns to your nails
  • Bright, neon colors and nature-inspired designs are popular summer nail trends

summer nails easy designs You’ll Love

Summer is right around the corner, and bright, cheerful nails are in the spotlight. You can play with everything from bold abstract stripes to classy, neutral shades that mimic stone. These designs are simple to do at home.1

Colorful Abstract Stripes

The eye-catching trend for summer 2024 is abstract stripes.1 Create a look by painting different colored stripes over a clear base. Just use a nail brush for a cool, laid-back style that’s easy to pull off.1

Neutral Stone-Like Tones

Looking for something more elegantly fun for summer? Try the stone-inspired nail style.2 It features a central line made with nail tape. Paint one side a lighter shade and the other side darker for a striking stone effect.2 First, apply a base color. Then, use tape to mark the center line. Finally, paint the contrasting shades.3

Trendy Nail Art Techniques for Beginners

Pastel Waves

One great way to start with nail art is doing a pastel wave design. Start by painting your nails with a nude color. Then, use a special brush to add abstract waves in pastel colors. Include a white wave for extra style. This method is perfect for new nail artists as it’s simple yet striking.1

DIY Nail Stickers

Creating DIY nail stickers is not as hard as it sounds, according to the third source. It’s a skill anyone can learn, even if they don’t have steady hands. Here’s how it’s done: drop different nail polish colors on wax paper and mix them. After that, cut the mix to match your nail size. Place the sticker on your nail, smooth it out, and seal it with a top coat. It looks just as great as if you got it done at a salon.

pastel nail art

Effortless French Mani Twists

The classic French manicure has taken on a new life in 2022. Now, stars like Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner are making it fresh and fun.4 They’re choosing pastels, adding bold black lines, and drawing on diagonal shapes. This updated style highlights creativity and self-expression.4

Abstract French Tips

One cool variant is the V-shaped French mani.

First, paint one side of the nail in a light color. Let it dry, then paint the other side dark. Finish with a top coat.5 This creates a unique, abstract effect perfect for summer. If you get polish on your skin, remove it with acetone and a Q-tip.5

Chrome Accent Nails

Adding a chrome nail is great for a little extra sparkle.

Start with a base and gel polish. Then, apply a top coat and do not wipe it. After, rub on chrome powder until it shines. Finish with a sealant.6 Haley Ann suggests Luxa Platinum Chrome Powder for the best shine.6

Effortless French Mani Twists


This article has shared lots of ideas and tips for 10 simple summer nail designs. They’re perfect for anyone, even if you’re just starting. You can choose from bold, colorful stripes7 to soft and neutral stone-like shades7. The options are truly endless.

You’ve learned about sweet pastel waves and a cool way to make your own nail stickers. These are easy but really grab attention. Plus, there are fun twists on classic looks, like unique French tips and shiny chrome nails.

Thanks to advice from top nail experts like Jordan Meade, Amy Oung, and Tammy Taylor, you can make your nails look pro at home. Whether you love vibrant colors8, fancy metallic touches8, or want your manicure to last, this guide has you covered. It gives you everything you need for that perfect, summery nail style.8


What are some easy summer nail designs that can be recreated at home?

According to experts, some easy designs for summer nails at home are colorful stripes, stone-like tones, and pastel waves. Also, you can try DIY nail stickers, abstract French tips, and chrome nails.

Where can I find inspiration for summer nail design ideas?

If you’re looking for ideas, Pinterest is a top pick. There, you can find everything from bold abstract patterns to simple stone-like shades.

What are some easy nail art techniques for beginners?

For newbies, try using special tools like nail painting brushes and nail tape. Also, making your own nail stickers can result in fun and trendy looks.

How can I create an abstract striped nail design at home?

To make a stylish striped design, start with a clear base coat. Then, use a nail art brush to add colorful stripes. This method creates an easy, yet eye-catching, design.

What is the process for creating a neutral-toned stone-like nail design?

For a chic and fun look, use nail tape to get a stone-like pattern. Paint one side light and the other one dark. This simple method gives a playful yet sophisticated design.

How can I create a pastel wave nail design?

Begin with a nude base color for a pastel wave design on each finger. Use a nail brush to add soft, pastel waves. Adding a white wave can make your design stand out.

What is the process for creating DIY nail stickers?

To make your own stickers, drop nail polish onto wax paper and swirl them together. Then, cut the design to fit your nail, apply it, and seal it with a top coat. This is very simple and fun to do, even for beginners.

How can I achieve a modern twist on the classic French manicure?

Create a new look by using a V-shaped design in contrasting colors. Paint one side light and the other dark. This modern French tip is sealed with a top coat for a finished look.

How can I create a luxurious chrome accent nail design at home?

Make a fancy chrome nail by first applying a neutral base and then a no-wipe top coat. After curing, rub in chrome powder for a shiny effect, seal with a top coat, and you’re done.

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