Top Trendy Colors for Short Summer Nails in 2024

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As the sun shines brighter and days get longer, the beauty scene is all about summer 2024’s nail colors. Nail expert Aja Walton points to a rise in metallic jelly nails, soft pastels, and sea-inspired shades for this season1.

According to Walton, shiny metallics will rule in summer 2024. Look for jelly nail polishes in silver, rose gold, and copper to be big hits1. She also sees baby pink, mint green, and soft lemon pastels making a splash1.

But it’s not just about metallics and pastels. Walton predicts bold ocean colors will be everywhere. Think aqua, seafoam, and deep blues in sleek styles1. For a fun change, shiny gold tips and cherry nails are expected to be very popular1.

short summer nails colors

Key Takeaways

  • Metallic jelly nails in shimmering shades like silver, rose gold, and copper will be a top trend.
  • Pastel nail colors, including baby pink, mint green, and soft lemon, are expected to be popular.
  • Vibrant aqua, seafoam, and cobalt blue nail shades will be in vogue, often showcased monochromatically.
  • Kitschy nail art designs like dripped French tips in gold chrome and cherry motifs will be favored.
  • The “Russian almond” nail shape is predicted to gain widespread popularity.

Metallics and Pastel Jellies

The summer of 2024 brings two nail trends you’ll love: metallic jelly nails and pastel shades. These new styles are a cool twist on summer nails. They will make any outfit look ready for a holiday2.

Metallic Jelly Nails

Metallic jelly nails will be big next summer. They combine a sheer or jelly-like polish with a shiny chrome or powder one on top. This mix creates a dazzling effect that shines like a beam of light2. Expect colors like silver, rose gold, and copper to be all the rage2.

Pastel Nail Colors

On the other hand, pastel colors will also be super popular in 2024. These light, soft shades are a nice change from the usual bright colors of summer. Look for colors such as baby pink, mint green, and soft lemon to be very popular. They bring a peaceful, summery feeling to your nails2. Essie’s Mint Candy Apple is a great example of what’s trending2.

Choose between the glittery look of metallic jelly nails or the peaceful pastels. Next summer, there’s a lot of cool and fun nail trends to try2. You can go bold or go soft, there’s something for everyone324.

short summer nails colors: Ocean Hues and Kitschy Art

This summer, expect to see short nails light up with ocean shades and fun, quirky designs5. Think aqua, seafoam, and deep cobalt, perfect for a one-color look5. And, nails inspired by the northern lights are catching eyes5.

But wait, there’s more than sea vibes. The nail world is adding a dash of nostalgia and fun5. Y2K jelly nails, topped with shine, are still a hit5. Plus, Palm Beach looks that include coral and sunset shades are pretty popular5. And don’t forget the retro feels. From ’70s swirls to bold ’80s neon, they’re all cool this season5.

Want to rock these trends? China Glaze and Bellecrey have you covered5. You can also try kitschy nail art, like cherries or fun patterns, with stickers5.

ocean nail colors summer 2024

Looking for a standout or quirky mani? Summer 2024 has something for everyone5. It’s all about the lively colors and creative prints on your fingertips56.

Trendy Shapes and Cuticle Care

The summer sun signals a search for the coolest nail shapes and care tips for short nails. Expert Walton says the “Russian almond” shape will shine8. It’s a twist on the classic almond. This version has a longer, more noticeable tip. It looks stylish and lifts the elegance of short nails8.

Russian Almond Shape

Russian almond is a modern twist on almond nails. Its elongated and tapered tip makes fingers appear longer. It’s great for short nails8. This shape goes well with simple nail designs. It keeps the focus on the nails’ natural allure8.

Clean, Fresh Cuticles

Good cuticles and nails are key with simple, natural manicures. The article talks about this. It suggests CND RESCUERxx for strength and cuticle oil for hydration9. Taking care like this makes nails look neat and stylish even when keeping it simple.

Choosing the Russian almond style and focusing on cuticles can really spruce up nails for summer89. It brings a polished, chic look. This matches the season’s vibe of less is more.

russian almond nail shape


This article explored the upcoming summer 2024 nail trends. It showed a variety of colors, finishes, and designs for the warm season ahead. From bright neon to soft pastels and shining metals, everyone’s style is covered.

We also looked at short nail color ideas perfect for summer. Think calming ocean blues and fun art designs. You can go for tropical coral, or choose red and nude for a classic feel.

Nail shape and cuticle care were also big points in this article. It pointed out the Russian almond shape and the need for tidy nails. By following these suggestions, anyone can rock the top nail art for summer and look stylish and trendy10.


What are the top nail trends for summer 2024?

Nail artist Aja Walton tips on the top nail trends for 2024. Look out for metallic jelly nails and pastel colors. Also, aqua shades and kitschy designs, like cherries, are in.

What is the “Russian almond” nail shape?

The “Russian almond” shape is an update on almond nails. It has a longer, sharper tip. Walton thinks this style will be big in 2024.

What are the key summer 2024 nail colors mentioned?

Shimmery metallics, soft pastels, and ocean blues and greens are in. Think about mint green, baby pink, or bright ocean shades.

What are some examples of metallic jelly nails and pastel nail colors?

For metallic jelly nails, layer translucent polish with a metallic one on top. This creates a shimmery look in colors like silver and rose gold. Essie’s Mint Candy Apple is a hot pastel for 2024.

What is the importance of cuticle care for summer nails?

The article focuses on caring for cuticles for summer nails. It’s key to have clean, moisturized cuticles. This helps the trendy, healthy looks shine. It suggests using a strengthener like CND RESCUERxx and cuticle oil often.

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