Summer Nails 2024: The Hottest Color Trends You Need to Try

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The warm summer breeze hints at sun-soaked days. The nail art scene is buzzing with trends to lift your mani game. Jin Soon Choi and Julie Kandalec, top manicurists, highlight this season’s must-try looks. From jelly nails to shimmering metallics, these styles fit any occasion1.

summer nails 2024 color trends

Key Takeaways

  • Neon brights are making a comeback, with electric pinks, greens, oranges, and yellows dominating the nail color landscape1.
  • Soft pastel shades like lavender, mint green, baby blue, and blush pink are trending for a more subtle and chic look1.
  • Shimmering gold, silver, and chrome finishes add a touch of glamour to nails, perfect for evening events or when you want your nails to stand out1.
  • Bold, graphic designs are gaining popularity, allowing for endless creativity and personalization among nail art enthusiasts1.
  • Jelly nails, translucent and glossy, come in various colors, offering a playful and youthful vibe1.

Embrace the Jelly Nail Trend

This summer, beauty lovers everywhere are falling for jelly nails. They are clear manicures that look like jello. These nails give a fun twist to the usual red polish. They match the season’s lively feeling perfectly2.

Gina Edwards, a famous nail artist, sees this summer as full of soft and loud colors2. Tom Bachik, another expert, thinks nail colors will match our moods a lot2. This means nails that feel like how we feel inside2.

Cherry Jelly Nails

The newest jelly nail look is a sheer, orange-red. Imagine JINsoon’s Crush polish2. Expert sayings this shade really shouts “summer!”2. It’s fun and classy, not the usual solid red2.

For a twist, try Cirque Colors’ Lucky and Butter London’s Strawberry Rhubarb Jelly Preserve. They are like cherry jello, with a hint of darkness3. A really cool, fresh style of jelly nails for 20243.

If you love cherry jelly nails or want something subtle, there’s a style for you3. Jelly nails are a hit this summer. They’re fun and classy, showing off the carefree feel of the season23.

Pastel Dreamscapes

This summer, pastel nails are the big trend, creating a dreamy, romantic feel4. Shades like Buttercup Yellow by Essie, Lucy Baby Blue by Gucci, and Dior’s Pastel Mint are leading. These colors give your nails a touch of elegance and charm for the season.

Pastel shades are the stars this season, mixing vintage charm with a modern look4. They remind everyone of the soft colors of spring blossoms, bringing peace and magic. Opt for soft lavender, baby blue, or mint green to match the season’s romantic feel.

pastel nail trends 2024

For the trendiest pastel nails of 2024, try Essie’s “Nice is Nice” or OPI’s “You’re Such a Budapest” for a lovely lavender look4. Mix Gelish’s “Lavender Blooms” and “Morning Sky” with CND’s “Gold Sparkle” for a stunning design. You have many options to create your own pastel masterpiece this summer.

Join the pastel nail trend of 2024 and turn your nails into charming, elegant dreamscapes4. Pick the top shades of the season to make your nails stand out and get noticed.

Summer Nails 2024 Color Trends

The summer of 2024 is on the way, bringing fresh and exciting nail colors. While soft shades have been popular, this year’s trend is all about vibrant and metallic colors5.

Looking for a modern look that’s perfect for summer? Chrome-like nail polishes, such as Sally Hansen’s Steel A Kiss6, ZOYA’s Trixie, and Olive and June’s OJPAS are great choices. Mixing nude and metallic can create a stunning French manicure. Check out Essie’s Gilded Galaxy for inspiration5.

Maximalist art, with 3D crystals and flowers, stands out this summer. It offers a fun and expressive way to do your nails5.

If you prefer something more subtle, pastel colors are still in. Jin Soon Choi suggests soft shades like pale pink and light blue for a cool summer look6.

summer nail colors 2024

This year, as it gets warmer, expect to see many bold and colorful nails. From shiny metallics to soft pastels, there’s a summer color for everyone. Keep an eye out for this season’s coolest trends56.

Get ready for a summer full of exciting nail colors. From shiny metalloids to delicate pastels, this year’s trends are bold and diverse. There’s something for everyone’s style56.


Summer 2024 nails are all about fun and brightness7. You’ll see see-through colors, soft pastels, and shiny metallics. There’s something for everyone’s taste, like a bold red or new nail art8. These trends will help you show off your nails in style.

Nail shapes include sharp stilettos, cool coffins, and more7. The different shapes let you show your unique style. Stilettos are sharp and edgy, coffins are sleek, and almonds are classic7. There’s also the deep square, a modern spin on the classic square. It’s perfect for making a bold statement with your nails.

Summer 2024 brings back neon, metallics, and vibrant corals8. You might like the cool blues of the ocean or think bold red is the way to go. There are choices for everyone, from vivid to muted colors8. If you’re into a natural look, nude and soft blues are there for a polished style.


What are the hottest nail color trends for summer 2024?

Jelly nails, fun sheer looks, and bright colors top the list for nail trends in summer 2024. These styles catch the eye.

What is the updated version of the classic red manicure?

For a twist on classic red, try an orange-red with a see-through shine, like JINsoon’s Crush. It brings a fun, classy feel.

What are the key pastel nail polishes to try this summer?

Essie’s Buttercup Yellow, Gucci’s Lucy Baby Blue, and Dior’s Pastel Mint are must-tries. These soft pastels are perfect for summer, giving a dreamy touch.

What other vibrant and metallic nail trends are popular for summer 2024?

Besides jellies and pastels, this summer loves bright and shiny nails. Silvery metallics, like Sally Hansen’s Steel A Kiss, ZOYA’s Trixie, and Olive and June’s OJPAS, are sleek. Combining these with nudes for a metallic French manicure is cool, showing in Essie’s Gilded Galaxy and others. Bold nail art, with 3D and flowers, is big too.

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