19 Brother Sister Halloween Costume Ideas

There is a Halloween night coming and you have to search for your brother sister Halloween costume ideas. For kids, it’s candy but for moms of two or more children, it is the point to work on. Finding a fun theme for the siblings or children is a serious thing as you have to make a memorable photo too. To attract the viewers of Halloween parties, you have to dress up your children in a pair rather than individually. Imagine how beautiful they will look in a pair of butterflies and caterpillars. Snow White and Apple are also the best outfits for Halloween costume ideas for brothers and sisters.

We have brought numerous DIY costume ideas for our busy moms. You find Halloween costume ideas for tweens, brothers, sisters, and all. These outfits don’t require cutting and stitching skills. All you need to buy a dress which is not pricey as well. You can avail of all these costumes online but having stitching and design skills is a plus point. As this will help to dress the siblings more attractive.

Let’s round up this article containing 19 brother-sister Halloween costume ideas. You will find such amazing ideas you will start loving them. Read on!

brother sister Halloween costume ideas

1.  Pokémon

We know Pokémon craziness is in full potency in kids. It’s thrilling if you transform your cutie kiddo into Ash and other funny Pokémon. Your children will look astounding in Ash and Pikachu, Charizard, or Eevee pair.

2.  The Wizard of Oz

The Wizards of OZ are the matchless Halloween costume ideas for my brother. It is full of kid’s costume possibilities and any pair of identifiable Wizard of OZ is the sweetest costume around.

3.   Ghostbuster & Ghost

Ghostbusters with a Ghost is a distinctive brother sister Halloween costume idea as it reminds us of an 80s movie. This is a remarkable appearance fit for siblings and twins. Kiddos love the Ghostbuster cool gadget weapon and the other is appearing as a sweet little ghost. You can dress up your twin children with this Halloween costume or a brother and sister couple can entertain with the outfit.

4.  Elephant &Peanut

Elephant and Peanut are funny Halloween costume ideas for brother and sister. This combination will giggle at your neighbors and friends on Halloween night. You can dress up your elder kid as an elephant and your little one with a peanut. It’s good to gear the little charming daughter as a peanut to grab more attention.

5.  Little Red Hiding Hood,  Wolf & Grandma

Remember the big teeth of Grandma in Little Red Riding Hood? So why don’t you rebuild this character for Halloween night? It is funny, incredible, and will fit a set of three children. You can use a handmade yarn wig for grandma to add a spark.

6.  Mary Poppins

Mary and  Poppins are another brother sister Halloween costume ideas.  The chimney curve pal Bert and prim popper outfits recall the classic story of amazing and inimitable Mary Poppins.

7.  Ringmaster & Lion

Ringmaster and Lion are some of the best brother Halloween costume ideas. You can win the Halloween show by dressing your big brother as a ringmaster and a little sibling as a lion. Seems like there is a circus coming into the town and your show will sell out for sure.

8.  Sushi Rolls

It doesn’t get a lot prettier than this guys. These camp-made clothes from the Wish Elephant will flip your cuties into petite sushi rolls no one will fight. Presented on the Martha Stewart Show, they are top quality with nice facts, sort of a facet of wasabi and preserved ginger! And you don’t want twins to tug this off, the getups are available in sizes from newborn to twenty-four months, and three diversities: salmon, tuna, or shrimp!

9.  Butterfly and Caterpillar

Picture-perfect for sleepy-eyed newborns and their boisterous elder siblings. A butterfly and caterpillar couple is a component of dress-up entertainment, part of a science lesson, and with one 100% prettiness load. These clothing are perfect brother sister Halloween costume ideas.

10. Snow White & Apple

As an alternative to the classic combination of Snow White and also the dwarfs. However, about a lot of distinctive tactics and bestowing her with the magic apple in its place? This hand-crocheted apple hat from Handmade Baby Affection is therefore sweet (and easy to slide onto a slumbering newborn), how can Snow White possibly struggle with a touch bite?

11.  Astronaut and Rocketship

Your younger ones are prepared for a shot with these Halloween costume ideas for brothers created for true space lovers.

12. Mary Poppins & Penguin

Reenact the Mary Poppins and penguin waiter who were dancing and singing. Those sweet and lovable penguins are hard to forget. For brother Halloween costume ideas, Mary and the Penguin is the best fit. You can add on the sidekick to make the siblings adorable. This is a unique Halloween costume for little kids. They will look beautiful when dancing in black-and-white oval-like shapes.

13. Tortoise & Hare

Recalling the moral of the rabbit turtle story in Halloween is a matchless thought. Wearing clothes like tortoises and hares makes the children look appealing and eye-catching. Also, other children will recall the lesson of slow and steady winning the race automatically.

14. Nutella & Banana

Let’s try some mouth-watering sister Halloween costume ideas like milk and cookies combination of Nutella and banana pair. Make your elder sister a Nutella jar and your younger sister a banana. Then see how people will grab the pictures of these insanely loving babies.

15. Rainbow & Raincloud 

Further, exclusive brother-sister Halloween costume ideas are rainbow and rain cloud. Add on sunshine and rain too to complete this epic moment. The pretty rainbow and shiny white cloud will make the surroundings cozy. Grab these costumes online or get them from a nearby store to create an unforgettable Halloween night.

16. Fisherman & Fish

A combination of fish and fisherman is a true pair. Hanging the fish with a hook adds more uniqueness to the Halloween costume.

17. Magician & Rabbit

Old and classical rabbit and magician outfits are the best brother Halloween costume ideas. You know people love classic things and outfits so this is a must-try Halloween costume idea.

18. Salt & Pepper

Pepper and salt are the Halloween costume ideas for tweens. Dress up your kids like salt and pepper to add spice to the Halloween party.

19. Chef & Lobster

Chef and lobster clothes are the last brother-sister Halloween costume ideas on our list. Your baby will look darling in a red lobster-like dressing with a chef nearby in the Halloween party.


Kids enjoy Halloween parties more than elders. Dressing your kid with unique pairs makes Halloween night memorable for children and moms.

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