Pathan Day 12 Box Office Collection An Unprecedented Success Story of Bollywood

Pathan Day 12 Box Office Collection: An Unprecedented Success Story of Bollywood

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Pathan, Shah Rukh Khan’s most recent movie, has dominated the box office, grossing more than 600 crores globally. Within its first two days, Pathan broke records, and it proceeded to do so throughout the weekend. In terms of box office receipts, this movie has outperformed all other Indian productions, with the 12th day’s receipts particularly attesting to its success. In this piece, we’ll examine Pathan Day 12’s box office haul in more detail and discuss what makes the film such a big smash.

Pathan Day 12 Collection in India

Since its January 14, 2023 premiere, the movie Pathan has broken numerous records. The audience reception to the movie has been incredible, and it has been doing well at the box office ever since. Pathan’s domestic revenue reached 240 crores on Day 12, a record-breaking day for domestic revenue in India.

Worldwide Pathan Day 12 Collection

Pathan has been operating incredibly well in the worldwide market in addition to its remarkable performance in India. The movie was highly received by viewers all around the world, and on Day 12, it brought in a total of INR 35 crores internationally. This takes the total amount of money collected worldwide to INR 460 crores.

Pathan vs Competitors: A Comparative Analysis

One of the most anticipated films of the year, Pathan, has been up against some tough competition from other high-profile productions. The movie has managed to hold its own and has been regularly doing well at the box office despite the fierce competition. Pathan outperformed its rivals in terms of revenue on Day 12, solidifying its place among the year’s best-performing movies.

Future Thoughts

Pathan is positioned for ongoing success in the coming days thanks to its strong box office performance. It’s anticipated that the movie will keep up its great performance and rule both the home and global markets. Additionally, it is anticipated that the hype surrounding the movie and the excellent word-of-mouth will draw even more people to the theatres.


Pathan Day 12 box office collection is a testament to the film’s phenomenal performance and its ability to connect with audiences across the globe. The film’s impressive collection, despite the tough competition, is a clear indication of its potential to become one of the biggest hits of the year. With its captivating storyline, high-octane action, and star-studded cast, Pathan is a must-watch for all movie enthusiasts.

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